When will you….?

When will you…?

Let’s face it, it is often not what you say but how you say it. My wife for example regularly talks about the different tone we use in conversation, and how tone is inferred in an email or a text by the recipient. Even more important in sales can be the subtle cues we transfer to people in our line of questioning and talking. How we influence people can be an important part of how our power as speakers is transferred to the listener.

Ever find yourself in a conversation with someone, and you need to ask a question about the future and how they will be addressing a situation? You find yourself asking “If….”

Instead, project your positive expectations by saying “When…”

If you want someone to take action, encourage and influence their behavior, ask a direct question, not a soft one.



I was wondering if you can….?

Will you have the time to review our proposal?

If you take a look at our Demo video…

If you pay this invoice by the end of the week, I will waive all the late fees you have incurred




When will you have the time to review our proposal?

When you take a look at our Demo video….

Pay the outstanding invoice this week, and I will waive all your late fees. When should I expect you to stop in and deliver your check?


Incorporate your positive expectation. Set your desire for someone to take action, assume that they will and simply ask them when it will happen.

Be Ballsy!


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