About Kevin

Kevin Carter’s career is defined by candor, truth and a no nonsense approach to business. Never one to accept any lesson at face value, he has been driven to succeed and persevere.

A passionate sales and business development executive with a strong portfolio, he possesses an entrepreneurial spirit. A problem solver, a natural communicator, an influential presenter and an effective team builder. He has the proven ability to drive revenue growth, with strategic planning and management skills.

Over the past 20 years Kevin has time and again earned his clients trust and loyalty. Bringing a different perspective,  approach and sensibility that may be the fresh take on your situation that you are looking for.


Personal Insights

Kevin and his wife and two children reside in Englewood CO. In his spare time Kevin is a den leader for his son’s scouts and an active reader, golfer and writer. An avid baseball fan and Colorado Rockies supporter, he sees the world often through purple colored glasses. Of course that is from April through September, when he switches to Bronco Orange.

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